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To begin getting your debt under control use these tools to learn more about your finances. Being in debt is not pleasant, but with My Credit Counseling's help and some planning of your own using our calculators and resources you will be living free in not time.

Amortization Calculator - Use this calculator to compute your monthly payment and see just exactly how much you pay in interest on any loan.

Mortgage Calculator - Calculate a monthly mortgage payment based on the purchase price, interest rate, term, tax and insurance.

Minimum Payment Calculator - Find out the effect making larger than minimum payments on your credit debts works for you.

Automobile Loan Calculator - Find out how much that new car for your family will cost you. Plan and budget for a new car in the future.

Car Buying Cost Comparison - There are other costs beside the monthly payment when buying a new car. Use this calculator to determine the best value for your money.

How Long Will It Take? - Calculate how long it will take to pay off your loan if you increase the minimum payment.

Interest Calculator - How much interest will your investment earn? Find out the total over the term of the investment.

Loan Comparison Calculator - Make an educated loan decision by using this calculator to compare up to three loans with different terms side by side.

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