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Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to cover the most often asked questions here but if your question is not answered please use our Contact Form and feel free to ask. We’ll answer your questions as soon as possible.

Q: It sounds like I need your plan. How do I get started?

A: Use our easy online Application to get started. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

Q: I have a poor credit history. Will I be turned down?

A: No. Even if your credit history is less than good, you will not be turned down. Regard less of whether you owe too much or your have a late payment history, you will qualify for our program. Qualifying is based only on your ability to make your monthly payments.

Q: My creditors are harassing me. Can you stop them?

A: Yes. Part of our service pledge is to end harassing phone calls and letters from credi tors. After being accepted into our program and have started using our payment plan, simply refer calls from your creditors to us.

Q: Can I keep using my accounts while in your program?

A: No. You came to us because you want to gain freedom from debt. Your creditors are granting you benefits in the form of lowering payments and interest rates and they will discourage additional spending. Most creditors will request that you refrain from adding to your accounts while you are on our program.

Q: Can I choose when my payments are due?

A: Yes. We want to help you in making repayment easier for you. You can choose the most convenient date for your situation.

Q: Will I continue to get monthly statements from my creditors?

A: Yes. You will continue to get the same monthly statements that you receive now. You can use these statements to keep track of your progress while on our program.

Q: Can I add additional accounts later?

A: Yes. You can contact us at any time to add additional accounts. Please include all account information when contacting us.

Q: Can I make extra payments or add extra funds to my regular payment?

A: Yes. Making extra and additional payment is strongly encourages. You may also send a note explaining where you want additional funds applied. If no note is included, My Credit Counseling will apply the funds where it will do you the most good in terms of account balance and interest rate.

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