Debt counseling services work best for the majority of Americans who are in deep credit card debt and many of them are struggling to make their payments on time. Some have overextended, some have lost employment, but for most people, their problems are the result of a sluggish economy and the rising cost of living.

Our mission is to provide consumers like yourself with a free personalized unbiased financial analysis by matching you with a debt counselor that will assist you in accomplishing your financial objectives.

Our network of consumer counseling providers and debt agencies consist of some of the most reputable names in the industry who have a working relationship with your creditors.

Because of this relationship they are able to provide counseling programs that offer:
A single, convenient, and affordable monthly payment
Significantly lower interest rates
Adjustment of account pay-off dates
Waived late and over limit fees
An improved credit rating

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 We understand the frustration of trying to handle your debt alone. The task can be overwhelming and you may feel that your high credit card debt chains you. We want to help you break free of those chains so that you can again enjoy all that you and your family deserve.

Debt consolidation loans are not the answer. The banks and financial lending institutions would like nothing more than to lend you more money with interest attached. The problem is that now they have you hooked with no where to turn if you do. The way things stand now your credit card debts are un-secured, but, if you go with a debt consolidation loan your home will be used as collateral. If something happens to you in the future where you can not keep up with your payments the bank will simply take away your home. Is it really worth the risk of losing your home over some credit card debts? We think not!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out from under the burden of debts and contact us today. We're here and waiting to help. For FREE debt help simply fill out our form above and you're on the road to the pleasure of financial freedom. This is a free service, you are under no obligation to accept debt consolidation loans or other counseling options that are suggested to you.

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