Personal Injury Lawyer Kelowna BC

January 26, 2017 @ 10:47 pm

Jackie BrownPersonal Injury Lawyer Kelowna

From Kelowna accident lawyer – In any complex subject a priesthood is apt to arise for the purpose of interpreting it to the masses who don’t have the time nor inclination to learn its ins and outs. So it is with law. Shakespeare postulated that to rid the world of lawyers would solve many of its ills.

Perhaps lawyers are not inherently evil. But people should not be so naive to believe some of them do not regularly take advantage of their extra years of schooling to take advantage of those not so fortunate to attend schools through their mid-twenties. Lawyers are in the business of advocating, thoroughly trained in the ancient art of argument, or sophistry as the Greeks called it. Sophistry carries a dishonesty connotation with it.

Some lawyers achieve important things for the sufferers of injustice. And that is commendable. But if you have to engage a lawyer, also realize lawyers are the creatures who create the loopholes that allow the most widespread inequities in this society to survive. And they are well paid to do so. We provide here some tips, derived from hard-learned lessons, on the subject of hiring a lawyer. In the three examples given we discuss extreme sides of the same pendulum.

Arrogance vs. Flattery. If a lawyer talks down to you, or shows the slightest sign of a feeling of superiority to you, forget him. He will sell you down the river faster than he can say “billable hours.” The reverse is also true: if a lawyer goes overboard in immediately sucking up to every word you say he has no viewpoint of his own. He will have zero respect in the courts and thus be an ineffective advocate.

Technician vs. Clueless. Many lawyers are so enamored with their having entered the brethren of the bar, they worship the law to the point of an inability to communicate with a lay person. Such are unreal, will never understand the justice and equity of real life situations, and are horrible advocates. At the other extreme is idiot who knows nothing about law, and peppers his conversation with “I’ll have to research that.”

Pessimist vs. Unreal Optimist. Many lawyers are trained to cut down your expectations so that no matter what the result you’ll feel some level of satisfaction. At the other extreme is the lawyer who promises he’ll get you a billion. A clue to the latter is the lawyer who gives predictions before he’s even asked for all relevant facts.

So what do you look for? Well, recall a time you had a good experience with a professional. A doctor, a nurse, a Kelowna injury attorney, an automobile mechanic, whatever field. A truly competent professional cares about people, and takes the time to explain his/her arcane knowledge in a manner anyone can grasp. It is easy to perceive in the way such professionals treat other people in normal conversation.